MnM Coaching offers professionals to clubs and football associations to assist with academy establishment and development.

We have previous experience with helping clubs in Finland, the United States, Thailand, Maldives and Tanzania establish and run their academies.

MnM Coaching never turns down anyone in need of our services and we are constantly seeking new academy related projects worldwide.

Our aim to help every player fulfil their potential by putting them through our academy programme structure (see picture left): Philosophy & Goals, Attacking Style of Play, Player Development Plan, Quality of Coaching, Match & Training Actions.

This structure will support the needs of all our players with the common goal of creating a pathway for them to reach an international level. Our player development is based on our philosophy of ATTACKING STYLE OF PLAY.

The programme for player development is divided into Basic, Special and Competitive periods. We always aim to create the best possible environment for the players by offering our knowledge, expertise and experiences. The Academy Concept is a guideline for the development process and it will help our players achieve good results.

The Concept covers the core development areas of technical skills, tactical & game awareness, physical conditioning, and mental strength.

Our target is to get the players to optimise our training methods with full effect.

Each development period has their own set targets but they all share common goals; perform high-quality technical methods, repeat them several times, and perform them near to perfection in match situations.