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Mika has worked and studied with several top level football professionals around the world since starting his coaching career. Here is what some of them have to say about him.


"On each occasion he displayed unparalleled professionalism and knowledge of the game both in his interactions with players and fellow coaches. Mika does not hold his knowledge hostage as he is always looking to share as well as learn from others.

"He coaches in a very engaging and motivational way. He is a brilliant tactician and a passionate teacher. Players in the USA were very fond of Mika and very appreciative of his coaching.

"If I were in a position to hire him, I would do it immediately because I know how much better he would make everyone around him.”

Jerrod Roh University of Alabama Soccer United States Region 3 Olympic Development Program United States Soccer Federation A License


"Mika is a very respectful person who treats others the way he wants to be treated. He communicates very well with everybody and he able to find the best way to work with the players he has at his disposal."

Carlos Oliveira

Coach and Academy Director



"My time with Mika was very hard and demanding but it was also enjoyable. I played the best football of my career under him because he had so much faith in me."

Patrick Kanyuka


Shan United Player


"His character raised honour around him wherever he was. He is a hard working and dedicated coach who has the ability to respond to football matters of the club in the big picture."

Seppo Miettinen

Football Association of Finland (SPL)


"Mika is thorough and conscientious and he is the type of person I would want in my team. To me, this showed that Mika wanted to learn and improve himself. He is very active in his line of work and very passionate about what he does. He lives, breathes and loves football."

Urmas Kirs

Estonian FA


"When Mika joined Gulf Saraburi I felt the team was more excited to play football and that was very important for us."

Henry Enrique Doumbia

Gulf Saraburi FC


"When I think of Mika the words passionate, knowledgeable and professional come to mind. What is important is that he is a friend to everyone involved in the game – whether it is a player, coach, fan, or referee. And that is because he loves and respects the game." Hank Leung


Former USA Women's National Team Coach


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