HIFK Fotboll's 2020 Veikkausliiga season ended yesterday with an away loss against FC Lahti, resulting in the team dropping down to eighth place.

Following the completion of the season, HIFK's Director of Sport Mika Lönnström wants to send his own personal message to the club's supporters, who, despite the difficult campaign, have stood behind the team.

“A lot has happened again during the season, as is always the case at IFK. Now, of course, is the time for analysis and it is also important to take a look at ourselves in the mirror in order to make future development possible.

"Our three-year project is coming to an end and it is time for an interim report in a situation where the club has secured its place in mid-table of Veikkausliiga.

"When looking back on 2020, the exceptional circumstances during pre-season first come to mind. After a poor start to the season, which included a change in coach, we suddenly got a psychological lift and that reflected positively on the field.

"The team and the coaching staff had a good spirit that bore good results, but in the end our resources were not enough. This affected the team’s dynamic and eventually the final outcome.

"Injuries, suspensions, and physical and mental fatigue reflected the results along with more than 70 bookings we received in the season. This time good team spirit and effort were not enough to make up for these shortcomings.

"It is important to remember that we at IFK have a unique culture that stems above all from the spirit of the community and supporters. The great relationship between the team and the supporters becomes something special that we at the club can never thank them enough for. From each of you comes this people-orientated culture we have at IFK.

"Now is the time for more detailed analysis and to accept the disappointment, after which we must start preparing and building for the new season.

Before that, however, it’s important to thank all the team members and office staff. I am immensely proud of this group.

"The amazing late wins during the summer and especially the 4-3 victory in the Stadin Derby will never be forgotten in IFK and Stadi football history. I can’t thank IFK’s players and coaches enough!

"Now let’s look FORWARD, but before that: Kiitos, Tack, Obrigado!"

- Mika Lönnström, Director of Sport